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How to wear a scarf to look good? It’s enough to learn these six methods

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The temperature is getting lower and lower, its time to use one of the best cold protection items, that is, the versatile scarf. In addition to the basic warm and cold protection equipment, the scarf is also a sharp tool that can make Our overall styl…

The temperature is getting lower and lower, it's time to use one of the best cold protection items, that is, the versatile scarf. In addition to the basic warm and cold protection equipment, the scarf is also a sharp tool that can make Our overall style raises a level, giving you a perfect score, but some friends said that I wouldn’t do it, it’s still not a thing.

In fact, wearing a scarf is not as difficult as imagined. Today, the editor has prepared several simple and easy-to-learn scarf methods. After learning it, you can also model out the street.

1: Xu Wenqiang hanging method
The hanging method is a simple and rude method. The scarf is hung vertically on both sides of the neck, allowing it to hang naturally, and it can be done in less than a second. Although it is simple, the style of this method is still very strong, especially With a coat, is it smart and handsome?

Clean brown, looking at another sense of high-grade, with the look of the jacket is not suitable, the tassel design of the hem, another elegant feeling, brushed fabric, very soft.

2: belt hanging method
This method is the first advanced version. After hanging, you can tie a belt around your waist. This method can highlight the feminine femininity and has a sense of ability, which is very suitable for workplace OL.

The bronzing printed pattern meets the thin cotton and linen, presenting a fresh sense of literature and art. The bronzing little elk is like a shining star in the night sky, as if entering a dream, the comfort of cotton and linen is unmatched by other fabrics. .

3: circle system
Wrap the scarf around the neck one or two times, and then put the ends on the chest, no matter what jacket you wear, it is very suitable, and it is very warm, and it is not easy to loosen, but it is not recommended to use this kind of thick scarf. Department of law.

The fabric made of plaid has another fresh feeling. The double-sided color can collide with the color, making the overall shape diversified. The knitted material feels very soft and uncomfortable.

4: side system method
The side tie method is to wrap the scarf at both ends on the front and back of the shoulder after a circle of the scarf, showing an asymmetrical beauty, but the only trouble is that as long as you bend over, the scarf's end can easily fall off .

The layered stripes make this scarf full of layering, thick fabric, proper warmth, contrast design, fashionable and individual.

5: shawl side method
Choose a wider scarf, hang the scarf on the neck, and place it on both sides behind the back, presenting a visual effect of the cloak. It keeps a warm shape while pulling a wind.

This classic houndstooth scarf was worn by our queen of powers. There is an expensive British fan on the body. The wide scarf can also be used as a shawl. It is very warm.

The oversized scarf looks at another sense of heavyness. In fact, it is still very light on the body. The contrast of the bowknot pattern is simple and elegant. It also has a sense of elegance and a British taste.

6: Y-character method
This Y-shaped method is also a common scarf method. Fold the scarf in half around the neck, and then pass the ends of the two strands together from the top of the scarf in a loop, which has a nice and playful feeling.

The contrasting colors of red and green are dazzling and eye-catching, like the color of Christmas, very cheerful. The decoration of the little bee on the scarf is very bright. This combination of colors has a big sense of sight.

This scarf feels very smooth to the touch, the dense fluff looks very thick, it looks very warm, and the white fluff looks at another very cute feeling, and I can't bear it down after wearing it.
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